The Vesta team has a commitment to excellence and integrity in all aspects of its business. To bolster that pledge, the company believes the following values are important and necessary considerations in achieving success:

Relationships are important

Vesta is a people centered organization and believes that strong, productive relationships are vital to fulfilling our mission.

Effective relationships are built upon trust, communication and responsiveness

Vesta strives to understand producer needs and to be an important resource tool for producers

Commitment to Safety and Quality

All systems and facilities are constructed and maintained in a responsible and reliable fashion.

Insure safety through a close monitoring of all systems and facilities.

Proper oversight through experienced and well-trained personnel.

Creative and Innovative Solutions

Depth and breadth of experience translates into a broader perspective with respect to mid-stream issues, allowing the Vesta team to provide flexible, creative solutions patterned to meet the specifics of our producer clientele.